How do voters in nursing homes vote?

Any voter who is a resident of a nursing home or facility licensed under the Nursing Home Care Act, the Specialized Mental Health Rehabilitation Act of 2013, the ID/DD Community Care Act, or the MC/DD Act may fill out an application to receive a vote by mail ballot to be voted in-person at the facility. This application is titled “APPLICATION FOR VOTE BY MAIL BALLOT BY ELECTOR WHO IS A RESIDENT OF A NURSING HOME OR CARE FACILITY, OR FEDERALLY OPERATED VETERANS’ HOME OR HOSPITAL.’

This in-person voting at the facility is supervised by two election judges. This supervised in-person voting occurs on the Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday immediately preceding the election. If no residents at the facility fill out this application, then no supervised in-person voting occurs at the facility.

Voters at these facilities can alternatively elect to forego the supervised in-person vote by mail voting and choose to cast their ballot through the regular vote by mail process in which a ballot is mailed to the voter, completed by the voter, then mailed back (or dropped in a drop box).

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