Hospitalized, Nursing Home and Military/Overseas Voters

Hospitalized Voters
Voters who enter the hospital within the two weeks prior to an election are eligible to have a ballot brought to them. Download the Hospitalized Voter Form to start the process.  Contact our office at 309-324-2300 with any questions.

Nursing Home Voters
Licensed or certified Illinois nursing homes will be provided election judges to conduct in-person voting to residents at those facilities who wish to vote.  Due to the current pandemic, all Nursing Home Voting is being conducted via mail.  For a list of certified Nursing Homes in Peoria County contact our office at 309.324-2300.  

Military & Overseas Voters
Members of the Uniformed Services and their family members or U.S. citizens residing overseas whose last known address is in the County of Peoria that wish to vote by mail may do so by completing an Federal Post Card Application also known as an FPCA. By completing this application, you will automatically be sent a vote by mail ballot for one calendar year.

Federal law now allows for electronic delivery of vote by mail ballots. For more information regarding military/overseas voting, or to request your by mail ballot please visit the Federal Voting Assistance Program website, or download and print a Federal Post Card Application Form (PDF) and mail it to:
Peoria Election Commission
4422 Brandywine Dr, Ste. 1
Peoria, Illinois 61614